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Melbourne’s Experts in Awning Repairs and Maintenance  

Since awnings are exposed to the outdoors, they can take some serious punishment as time goes on. Both the material and framework can be damaged by the elements, old age or even vandalism, which often results in malfunction and/or safety concerns.

Full replacements can cost a pretty penny—but there’s good news. A OK Brothers offers comprehensive awning window repairs in Melbourne, with the expertise to work on both residential and commercial installations.

Affordable awning window repairs that you can rely on

From fixing motors and remote controls to repairing the canopy itself, we can get your awnings up and running with a short turnaround time. Most awning maintenance will come at a fraction of the price of a brand new replacement, allowing you to have full peace of mind without the steep price tag.

On top of that, we have plenty of experience tackling large commercial projects so don’t hesitate to contact us for more complex jobs.

Our commitment to the highest standards

At A OK Brothers, we believe in making your needs our priority. Where other businesses are sloppy, behind schedule and overbilling, we take it on ourselves to deliver the best possible service each and every time. We’ll focus on always meeting every deadline, staying within your budget and keeping our rates competitive to ensure you can enjoy quality awning repairs and maintenance without any concerns.

Book awning maintenance and repairs today

We have a wide service area covering all of Melbourne, so get in touch no matter where you are and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

Call Sam on 0435 816 315 or Abdul on 0403 526 479 to find out more, or fill out our online contact form to send a written enquiry.