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Curtain Wall Coating Installation in Melbourne

Curtain walls and coated facades are a fantastic way to bring a building to life. The versatility and sleek aesthetic of these installations is used to achieve a variety of finishes for residential towers, office buildings, industrial complexes, hotels and other commercial buildings throughout Melbourne.

About our curtain wall systems

Curtain walls are installed external to the primary structure of a building, opening up a range of design options since there is far less reliance on the structural integrity of the entire construction. They differ from shopfront installations in that they generally cover multiple floors and will need to be installed with consideration given to thermal contraction and expansion, building sway and a number of other factors.

Add the finishing touch to your building with our aluminium facades

Our coated facades offer a combination of practicality and style, making them perfect for a broad range of applications. We have years of experience working on facades of all kinds and remain committed to delivering the best possible outcome on projects of any size and scope.

Unlike many other curtain wall manufacturers, we install aluminium facades all over Melbourne with a focus on taking the client’s deadlines, budget and any other needs seriously. Work with us and have full peace of mind that you are dealing with an experienced and professional team.

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