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Reliable Melbourne Specialists in Facade Defects & Maintenance

First impressions are everything in business – so what first impression does your building make? The exterior of a building is often both functional and cosmetic in role, and when it comes to facade defects it should be an expert such as A OK Brothers Constructions who looks over the problem – because we understand both aspects.

We are equally prepared to provide your regular facade maintenance and upkeep or address a structural emergency; we work to tight deadlines as a matter of course. When your concrete starts to fracture, make sure you call us for facade repairs – don’t wait to make things A OK again!

We have the experience to carry out facade repairs whatever your building

Our team of smart, veteran workers have been in this business for decades. They know the importance of producing high quality work, because their work becomes the most visible part of your business. We will happily reinstate your weather sealing, replace damaged or dislodged windows, correct spalling or cracked masonry and concrete, and restore any decorative finish. We have worked jobs big and small all across Melbourne, letting us tackle any building with confidence.

Delaying action on facade repairs endangers yourself and your customers

Even structurally, the exterior of your building is of critical importance, and warrants careful management. It is naturally exposed to more sources of damage and wear and is harder to closely examine in the course of work. It’s also the part of the building where any facade defects are most likely to impact customers or the public; especially significant in buildings with a street facing. Don’t wait until you can see the cracks to call in the specialists; have A OK Brothers perform regular, comprehensive facade maintenance to make sure the problem never has a chance to develop.

Contact us now and let us fix you up fast

Our team is always waiting to get started on the next job, wherever it is in Melbourne. Make your business our priority by calling Sam on 0435 816 315 or Abdul on 0403 526 479. You can also take your enquiry to our online contact form, or email